Privacy Policy

We are well aware of the importance of personal information to users (hereinafter referred to as users or you), and will do our best to protect the safety and reliability of your personal information. According to laws and regulations, national standards and other regulations, the following policies (hereinafter referred to as this policy or this privacy policy) are formulated. The main points of this policy are as follows:

1. In order for you to register as a user and use the products or services of the website, you need to provide relevant personal information, which we will list item by item, and you have the right to refuse or withdraw authorization.

2. You can inquire, modify, delete your personal information, change the scope of your consent and authorization, and cancel your account. We provide you with a way to exercise the above rights.

3. We will strive to take various security measures to protect the personal information you provide and prevent data leakage.

4. Please confirm that you are an adult over the age of 18.

Please read and fully understand the content of this Privacy Policy before using our products or services. If you do not agree with the content of this policy, we may not be able to provide you with corresponding products and/or services. Once you start to use our products or services, you fully understand and agree to this policy.

1. How we collect your personal information

The products or services we provide include basic business functions and extended business functions. The basic business functions we provide need to rely on some information to operate. When you choose to use this business function, you need to provide us or allow us to collect necessary information, otherwise the basic business functions will not work properly, and we will not be able to provide you with the necessary information. Services; if you also choose to use extended business functions, you need to provide us with or allow us to collect the necessary information for extended business functions, otherwise the extended business functions will not work properly, but your use of basic business functions will not be affected.

The details of the personal information we collect from you based on different business functions are as follows:

1.1 To help you register as a website user

1) When you register a website account, in order to implement the online real-name system requirements and provide you with user services, you need to provide your mobile phone number, verification code, password, and the user name, gender, occupation, and city information you created. If you do not provide the above information, you will not be able to become a website user and use functions such as publishing works, publishing articles, collecting works, etc., but it will not affect your use of browsing and search services as a visitor.

2) After you register an account, in order to better provide you with personalized services (such as the city service), or if you want others to know you or contact you, you can choose to provide your avatar, email address (only visible to yourself), hometown, Signature, profile, educational background, contact information, personal link personal equipment, personal label. Your failure to provide the above information will not affect your use of other services on the website.

1.2 Strengthen account security services

To enhance account security, you can bind your account to an email address. After you bind your email, you can log in directly with that email. Your failure to provide the above information will not affect your use of other services.

1.3 Third-party account login

In order to facilitate you to log in through a third-party account, you can choose WeChat and Weibo accounts. When you use a third-party account (QQ, WeChat, Weibo) to log in to your account, in order to remember your identity, we may indirectly obtain your public information (including nickname, avatar, gender) on the third-party platform from the third party . If you refuse us to obtain the above public information from the third-party platform, you will not be able to log in with the third-party account, but other services will not be affected. You can unbind third-party accounts at any time.

2. How we use cookies and similar technologies

2.1 To ensure the proper functioning of the website, we store small data files called cookies on your computer or mobile device. Cookies usually contain identifiers, site names, and some numbers and characters. With the help of cookies, websites can remember your user identity and store your preferences.

We will not use cookies for purposes other than those described in this policy. You can manage or delete cookies according to your preferences. You can block cookies through your browser settings if your browser allows it. However, if you do this, it may affect your safe access to our website and may require changing user settings each time you visit our website.

2.2 In addition to cookies, we use web beacons (Web Beacons) to collect page views and clicks; we also use entity tags (Etags) to cache static resources in order to speed up website access and improve your Browsing experience.

3. How we use the information collected

3.1 To provide you with our products or services, see Section 1 of this Privacy Policy for details.

3.2 When providing products or services to you, it is used for authentication, customer service, security protection, backup and other purposes to ensure the security of the products and services we provide to you.

3.3 In order to improve our products or services, we may de-identify or anonymize the collected information, and then conduct internal audits, data statistics, data analysis and research. On the premise of not revealing your personal information, it may be used for commercial purposes, such as external publicity.

3.4 When we want to use the information for other purposes not specified in this policy, we will obtain your prior consent.

3.5 When we want to use the information collected for a specific purpose for other purposes, we will obtain your consent in advance.

4. How we share, transfer and publicly disclose your personal information

4.1 Sharing

We will not share your personal information with any companies, organizations and individuals, except in the following cases:

1) Sharing with explicit consent: After obtaining your explicit consent, we will share your personal information with other parties.

2) We may share your personal information externally in accordance with laws and regulations, the needs of litigation or dispute resolution, and the requirements of government authorities or judicial authorities.

3) Sharing with affiliated companies: Your personal information may be shared with our affiliated companies in order to facilitate us and our affiliated companies to provide you with various products or services, to verify your identity, to identify your account abnormalities, etc. We will only share necessary personal information and subject to the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy. If the affiliated company wants to change the purpose of processing personal information, it will ask for your authorization again.

4) Sharing with authorized partners: Only to achieve the purpose stated in this policy, some of our business will be assisted by authorized partners. We may share some of your personal information with our partners to better develop user services. We will only share your personal information for legitimate, legitimate, necessary, specific and explicit purposes, and only share the necessary personal information. Our partners are not authorized to use the shared personal information for any other purpose.

Currently, our authorized partners include the following types:

a. Advertising partners. We will not share your personally identifiable information (information that identifies you, such as your name or email address, by which you can be contacted or identify you) with advertising partners unless we have your permission . We may provide these partners with information about the reach and effectiveness of their advertising without providing your personally identifiable information, or we may aggregate this information so that he does not personally identify you.

b. Business partners. In order to fully realize one of our specific business services, we cooperate with business partners to provide you with business services in order to realize the functions of the business and your needs. For example, for job search services, we need to share your resume with your delivery company so that your job search needs can be fulfilled; and so on.

c. Functional service providers. To implement our business functions, we work with functional partners to provide you with services to meet your needs. Including payment partners, for example, we need to share your order number and order amount with third-party payment institutions to confirm your payment instructions and complete the payment; login partners, for example, we need to associate your mobile phone number with the login Carrier sharing to fulfill login requirements; etc.

d. Analysis service providers. For example, for data analysis, we need to share your device information, service log information, etc. with data analysis partners, so that we can analyze the basic situation of our products or services and use them to maintain or improve our products or services; and so on.

5. How we protect your personal information

5.1 We endeavour to employ various security safeguards to protect the personal information you provide against unauthorized access, public disclosure, use, modification, damage or loss. For example, the exchange of data between your browser and the server is protected by SSL encryption; we provide https safe browsing on the website; we will use encryption technology to ensure the confidentiality of data; we will use trusted protection mechanisms to prevent data from being compromised malicious attacks; we will deploy access control mechanisms to ensure that only authorized personnel can access personal information; we will conduct security and personal information protection training to enhance employees' awareness of the importance of protecting personal information.

5.2 Our important information systems have passed the filing and evaluation of the third level of network security protection, and established a good communication mechanism with regulatory authorities and third-party evaluation agencies to ensure that the network is carried out in accordance with the technical standards and management specifications of the third level of network security protection. Security construction to ensure the security of personal information.

5.3 The Internet is not an absolutely safe environment. We strongly recommend that you take active measures to ensure the security of personal information, such as: please use complex passwords, change account passwords regularly, and do not disclose account passwords and other personal information to others. If your personal information is unauthorizedly accessed, publicly disclosed, tampered with or destroyed due to our reasons, resulting in damage to your legitimate rights and interests, we will bear the corresponding legal responsibility.

5.4 In the unfortunate event of a personal information security incident, we will initiate an emergency plan in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations to prevent the security incident from expanding, and inform you in the form of push notifications, announcements, etc. At the same time, we will also proactively report the handling of personal information security incidents in accordance with the requirements of regulatory authorities.

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